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India the land of 33 million gods, 22 languages, 720 dialects and 31 cuisines, the one thing in common is the TASTE!

In Indian, on every street corner from Mumbai to Punjab, you will find an array of hustling food stall bursting with favour and filling the air with astonishing aromas. People hop from one stall to another enjoying the variety of food as it would be phrased in Indian (chit chat and chai) with families, friends and even colleagues. Every region boasts its own specialities with their own unique flavours and textures, so the options are endless!

Our street eats at Indian Enroute will widen your perspective and open your senses from the east at its best a bite into real India

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For Allergen check with the management 

We take all the precautionary measures while handling food with allergy request, but we don’t take any guarantee the food is free from nuts and other allergens as we handle the nuts and other allergens in the kitchen.

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Garlic Naan
Indian Dish
Vegetable Pakoras

41 Hucclecote Road

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Lunch 12pm - 3pm

Takeaway 5.00pm - 9.30pm


Takeaway 5.00pm - 9pm


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